Welcome! Friends

We put together this website in memory of Vidyamartand Dr. Dilipsinh Vedalankar, M.A. Ph.D., a renowned scholar of Sanskrit, Vedas, and Indian Culture as well as History. We will as a site organizer publish Dr. Vedalankar’s writings, discourses and memoirs time to time. We would make a sincere attempt to bring forth to the audience of Vedic literature some good articles, information and multimedia that will enrich your knowledge and understanding towards the illustratous Vedas.  We conclude our opening page with:

॥ कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम् ॥

Krinvanto Vishwamaaryam (Make This World Noble) – Veda

…as well as Dr. Dilipji’s favorite Veda mantra:

दृते दृँ ह मा मित्रस्य मा चक्षुषा सर्वाणि भूतानि समीक्षन्ताम् । मित्रस्याऽहं चक्षुषा सर्वाणि भूतानि समीक्षे । मित्रस्य चक्षुषा समीक्षामहे ।। – यजुर्वेद ३६-१८

O Lord! The Dispeller of the darkness of ignorance, please make me firm (in my conviction) so that all the living beings may look towards me with eye of a friend. And may I also look towards all living beings with the eye of a friend. May we look towards one another (ever) with the eye of a friend. (Yajur Veda 36 – 18)

Thank  you much and warm regards.